When the Lessons of the Rainbow Become Living Love In Motion

HEADLINE: "As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord ... For this is as the waters of Noah unto me; for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah should no more go over the earth, so have I sworn that I WOULD NOT BE WROTH WITH THEE NOR REBUKE THEE ... my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the COVENANT OF MY PEACE (Isaiah 57:16-19) be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee ... I establish my Covenant with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood. And God said, This is the TOKEN OF THE COVENANT ... I DO SET MY BOW IN THE CLOUD, AND IT SHALL BE FOR A TOKEN OF THE COVENANT between Me and the earth", Ezekiel 1:28, Genesis 9:9-13; Isaiah 54:9-10.

The rainbow is the sign of the glory of our Father. It is the symbol of His authority. Its various colors represent our GOVERN MENT (RULE THOUGHT) HEIR-ARCHY. We have learned in the "GOOD NEWS" that the soft, gentle colors of the REIN BOW are color symbols for the twelve "Virtues", the Daughter rulers of God. The most powerful of these have been named in symbol according to the effect of their work. They are (1) Faith, (2) Continence, (3) Power, (4) Patience, (5) Simplicity, (6) Innocence, (7) Chastity, (8) Cheerfulness, (9) Truth, (10) Understanding, (11) Concord, (12) Charity. And these works they accomplish in man as "nursing mothers", as "dove" spirits, III Hermas IX:141-143, Proverbs 9:1-6, Song of Solomon 6:4-9, 8:1-4. These "dove" spirits bring men into a new birth of understanding making them "new creatures" in the re-birth process, Matthew 3:16, John 3:5-6. Notice that no human being and no church of man can consecrate a man to God in rebirth. This is strictly a spirit process, a work of the "Virtues" of Heaven, which only they can do! You must be borne by these Spirits ... not by preacher "Joe" ... to enter into the kingdom of God spiritually while you remain an earthly citizen. The major compliment to the REIN BOW (Psalm 16:7, 139:13) or the work of the Virgins is the REIGN BOW, the 12 major Archangels. Their work is symbolized as LASER COLORS as we learned in the "GOOD NEWS" letter, The Color of Love, dated 1-17-89. Laser light is super-high concentrations of light, the WORD OF GOD. The major four archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Phanuel are the four Spirits observed in Zechariah 6:1-8, Revelation 4:5-8, 6:1-8, and Enoch ch. . Laser light can heal or destroy. These 12 GOVERN MENT rulers form the Council of the Most High. Their colors range from white to black and all the in-between colors. These male and female authorities are what God really gave us as a SIGN OF THE COVENANT BETWEEN ALL HUMANITY AND HIMSELF. Now back to our HEADLINE: understand what God was showing and telling Noah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel! He gave us FAMILY LEADERS, brother and sister rulers and teachers as a token of love between Him and those of us still in the flesh.

From Ezekiel chapter 1, we learned that your Father's color symbol is amber. Amber is the color of LOVE, for God is love. Amber expresses OUR FAMILY BEING. God is I AM! EWE (YOU) BE is the first created being, or the second person, our Mother Wisdom. He and she aRe children, the third persons. This is the meaning of AMBER. Thus we ALL are part of God Himself --- elements (ELI = my God and MENT = thoughts) of the glory of God! So God loves ALL of us, Mother Wisdom, and each child, as He loves Himself! Amber therefore means, "we live in His life as He lives our lives in us". "WE" are BODY "cells" of the Father's living immortal spirit-substance, whatever it is. We share His mental and sensory perceptions as we experience LIFE! In the "GOOD NEWS" we learned the height, breadth, and depth of the meaning of the statement, "God is ALL IN ALL". God is more of each of us than any of one us is a "myself"! We learned that He and Mother Wisdom co-created TWELVE ORDERS of children which the twelve tribes of Israel represented in allegory. Each ORDER has its own hue corresponding to the color symbol of its Archangel-governor. So the four major races of man are under the authority of the Four Archangels according to our fleshy colors. We are also parabolized as "trees" and precious "lively stones" in God's earthly garden and stone quarries. These get "hewn" (circumcised from the flesh) and rise as prefabricated building materials at the point of death as God builds up His heavenly temple. So HU (HEW-HUE) MANS are called such for those two reasons: (1) HUE refers to the color symbols of our ORDERS, and (2) HEW means we must be "circumcised" out of the body in order to rise up to our prepared place. Our rising is according our birth order and number in the Family. The analysis of AMBER is all these things.

We have said that righteousness and holiness are terms which describe our true nature --- Godly characteristics--- which are being fixed into us by Potter-God as automatic behavioral responses using His provoking and evoking educational technics. In this world devils have turned men into "what we are not" behaviorally speaking, into "beasts", by forcing and foisting their works and ways upon us and in us. As the Potter your Father-Teacher remolds the newly risen spirit above in the purification process. School continues when we leave this world. Newly reaped "daily sacrifice" spirits of men redeemed from the earth attend PERFECTION school in the Archangels ALTAR-ing classes. They become the "quick and living dead", judges, and "watchers" ..."eyes" in the wings of the Archangels, Revelation 4:6-8, 6:9-11, 7:9,13-15, 20:12. "Watching" men in living psychodramas or going through their daily problems and evaluating devils' performance helps them perfect their thinking and make the correct judgments. By this process they learn to love angel, man, and God as ONE. So this "ALTAR-burning" permanently instills the lessons of LOVE as taught by the REIN BOW and REIGN BOW teachers. It is their "fiery" lectures with the WORD OF GOD which burns out earthly dross of misconception, error, and ignorance, Malachi 3:1-3. We did not mention "mercy" among the twelve works of the Virgin Holy Spirits who help remold us in rebirth. But in those schools the Spirits of MERCY are major forces in the teaching process. In the last letter we learned that "mercy is an excellent Virtue". She is "pink" with love. We did not mention "amber" as a color of a virtue. But LOVE is also a Virtue and that is the greatest quality she teaches. Her attitude is just like your Father's attitude. We can add Mercy and Love along with the twelve other Virgins mentioned in the first part of this letter. Now we have TWELVE VIRGIN Spirits (plus two) as the counter parts to the Twelve Archangels. When all twenty-four (plus two) of them graduate a student from their courses rendering him "perfect", then the lessons of the RAINBOW will be living love in motion. In this manner each new angel and virtue spirit achieves his true "place" in the FAMILY as a mature child of God and Wisdom. LOVE will be his new PERFECT emotion! ALL will eventually have God's love-attitude and we will then be made both in His image and mental likeness! Genesis 1:26; Matthew 5:44-48; Luke 13:32. This is how Potter-God remolds imperfect human vessels and PERFECTS them above as spirit "temple"-vessels, Jeremiah 18:1-6; 2 Timothy 2:20-21.


For the purposes of this letter we will arbitrarily assign COLORS to the other Twelve Virgins and briefly discuss what they teach as behavioral qualities. These BE-ATTITUDES must be the new you ... IF (or when) ... you are "born again". (Notice that the true worshippers of God are spirits above in "spirit" form, but marred vessels of the earth in fleshy form do not please God much! John 4:21-24; Romans 8:5-8.


1. AMBER - LOVE- Love is the combination and blending together of ALL virtuous per-SON AL(L)ity qualities and attitudes. Love cares for all in deep affection, Song of Solomon 8:6-8, Jeremiah 31:3; John 12:32. Love will sacrifice Her life to save ALL, John 15:13. Love forgives and forgets offenses of men, Isaiah 43:25, 44:21-22; Luke 23:34. Love does "good" to ALL MEN both bad and good, Matthew 5:44-48. Love is at ONE with God. You may recognize these statements as all that we said God and Jesus are. NOW let it become (beautify) YOU!

2. PINK- MERCY - Mercy is an expression of compassion for all those in need or having a hard time. This world is where men have great "need" in all areas. In The Merits of Mercy, May 13, 1991, we found that mercy is an excellent block to demons' use of man against man as they wage the "battle of Armageddon" against God and us. This is a mental war that manifests itself in our speech and our behavior. Mercy rejoices against judgment. She is not vindictive; she does not retaliate in kind. Mercy responds in love and compassion to defuse and defeat anger, bitterness, and strife. Love heaps coals of fire upon the head of an enemy and quenches the fiery darts of devils. Mercy is followed quickly by her other sisters.

3. PURPLE - FAITH- Paul defined faith as the "substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen", Hebrews 11:1. He also said "faith" is a gift from God, I Corinthians 12:4,9; Ephesians 2:8. We need this Virgin Holy Spirit to control our minds in order to believe the real truth. This spirit is absent as a crown on the head of the atheist and agnostic. Faith has full control when we accept and believe truth as heaven teaches it as opposed to man's teachings. Faith is diminished according to the per centage of truth we reject. Most men have "little faith", Matthew 17:20. Faith in God is risk-free. Faith in men is risky business since devils use men for deceitful purposes. The "faith of Jesus" is not merely believing that Jesus existed as a historical person or that he was indeed the Son of God. The faith of Jesus is to accept and believe the very words he spoke and the promises of God he revealed. Among them is the complete salvation of every single human being whoever appeared on earth without a single loss of one ... No, not one! If you cannot believe that "simple gospel" you do not believe what Jesus believed! Where is and in what is your faith? Some have faith in preacher Joe and the demons teaching him, 2 Corinthians 11:13-l5.

4. LAVENDER - CONTINENCE - This word means self-restraint. Self-restraint is self-control, a very needful virtue in a "hell-hole" like this earth. Jesus said, "Because iniquity shall abound the love of many would wax cold", Matthew 24:12. Cold wax turns "hard" and if dropped it can shatter in pieces. Is your love for your fellow man broken in pieces? Jesus was warning us about the conditions men face in their battle of Armageddon with devils. Like Balaam devils have sent preachers on a "fool's errand" to curse their fellow man! And devils will use men to cause offenses to other men and use legal authority for human abuses. This Virgin prevents devils from taking over the mind in haste to anger, quick and error-prone judgments after the flesh, hasty conclusions, bitterness, and responding to provocation with cursing and profane words and even fighting. Self-restraint keeps the peace and thwarts devils' mental assaults in moments of trouble and prohibits us from rushing to their works and ways. Along with her sisters She leads us in wise ways. Continence is a shield in a time of war.

5. WHITE - POWER - All power comes from God. This Virgin Holy Spirit strengthens men and gives them the ability to overcome temptation, to achieve goals, and do "good" works. She works hand in hand with Michael the Archangel, the conqueror, Revelation 6:1-2. Devils have suffered many defeats because an army of these sister Spirits STOOD UP for us, Daniel 12:1; Revelation 12:7-11, Song of Solomon 4:10,4-9.

6. BLUE - PATIENCE- This attitude is one we need in this life and a quality we will need in Heaven. We have so many billions in our FAMILY, it may take eons of time for us to meet, visit and commune with the famous members of our FAMILY or for a personal, close-up chat with our Father and Mother. Heaven is really 12 worlds stacked like a 12-story building. We will need patience to wait before we can visit each one, meet and get to know the population of the ORDER there, and to enjoy what they have as attractions and entertainment. WE NEED an eternal life in our FAMILY! In this world Patience works with her sister self- restraint to keep peace, to avoid excessive worry, and to maintain harmony. Some people get upset if they have to wait in a grocery-line. They will need patience to wait in line for a personal hug and kiss from God and Mother Wisdom. The line waiting for that has a number no man can count.

7. GREEN- SIMPLICITY- This Virtue makes things easy to do. She informs to destroy complexity and difficulty. Where devils make living righteously seem hard to achieve, she shows us ways to make it easy to attain and become. Simplicity promotes harmony and happiness. No one likes experiencing a hard time or failing because a task or goal seems too complex. The "green light" means "go". This Spirit gives us "go-power". She is not proud, hasty, or false in her wisdom, but she is the "grace" of humility, I Peter 5:6-7.

8. YELLOW- INNOCENCE- This Virtue is very instrumental in atonement instruction. Innocence means not guilty and this Virgin has much to do in teaching the finer points of Court matters regarding the justification of man. This Spirit casts out demonic spirits of error and breaks their control over men's minds. She uses right words to prevent them from regaining a mental hold through poor judgment. Innocence thinks no evil of her brethren ensnared in the sins of this life. She is not judgmental against mankind. But she finds all devils and only devils guilty of all crimes recorded and not recorded in man's history on earth!

9. ORANGE - CHASTITY- Chastity is free from lasciviousness and sex-related crimes. Lascivious means inciting to lust, a work demonic spirits are expert in accomplishing. Devils have the advantage of picture-making power using our mental screens in nightdream and daydream fantasies. Using their power on the brain and sex-nerves, they give men and women sexual climaxes in sleep through lewd dreams. Sexual arousal or that "sexual feeling" is what the Bible calls Babylonian "wine of fornication" in Revelation chps. 17 and 18. Being drunk on that wine is desiring and enjoying illicit sexual feelings, mental lusts or fantasies, committing acts of sodomy, fornication and adultery. The words of Chastity attack devils' force-power against the minds and bodies of men. With the help of her sister Virtues and the Archangels, some have overcome the affects of this powerful intoxicant. Joseph and Jesus did it. David and Solomon were two famous men of God subdued by this wine. Public figures, today's movie stars, professional athletes, "playboys", prostitutes, gay men and lesbians, and men in general are examples of those drunk on "Babylonian wine". If you enjoy sexual feelings or arousal (other than from your spouse) from mental fantasies of real and imaginary people, then you are drunk on sexual wine as conjured up by devils. God does not want us lusting after one another outside of marriage. Lusts lead to many crimes, wars, and murders by jealous spouses and lovers. Chastity helps keep us sober from drunkenness on Babylonian wine. It gets poured in our minds and on our sex-nerves and organs. But we do not have to enjoy the effects. If a man can overcome the spirits of fornication, he can overcome anything if he has these Virtues.

10. RED- CHEERFULNESS- This Virtue uses words to remove sorrow, tears, grief, and regrets over the negative episodes of this life. Sin has caused many pains and pangs and has made this life seem like it is not worth living to many. Overly burdened and grieved men have committed suicide to escape their misery. Man was not made for continuous sorrow, Psalm 116:3; Revelation 21:4. The sorrows of hell and punishment for rebellion is for devils. Since they are in this place with us they have found many ways and means of giving us tears as a matter of revenge. This Virgin Holy Spirit uses words to ease our burdens and put a smile in our lives. She uses men under her control to bring joy to others as an anesthetic. J

11. VIOLET- TRUTH- This Virgin Holy Spirit speaks the reality of God via the WORD OF GOD, Psalm 138:2; John 17:17; I Corinthians 12:8. There is no guile nor deceit in her. She informs us of God's will and His purposes for everything. Her close companion is the next Virtue.

12. BLACK- UNDERSTANDING- This Holy Spirit gives us the right mental-picture concept to the WORD OF GOD. She causes the right perception to instruction of men, written knowledge in books, insight and imaginations for inventions, and increases in human knowledge of God's creations. This Spirit and the Virtue, Truth, are co-workers with the Archangel Gabriel, the great judge and teacher, Daniel 5:5,27, 9:21-22, 10:11; Revelation 6:5-6.

13. BROWN- CONCORD- This Holy Spirit teaches and promotes love and UNITY between members of the FAMILY. She excels in the graces of love for the Father, Mother wisdom, the Heavenly Hosts, and men below. Her words counteract feelings of indifference and non-kinship that devils teach men. She fights prejudice and hatreds among men that devils use in causing man's inhumanity to man, Psalm 133. Concord is so desirable as a quality that grapes were named after her. Concord grapes can make "good" wine. What is better than unity of our brethren?!

14. GOLD- CHARITY- This Holy Spirit is PERFECTION. Charity gives all and shares all. Charity is a major form of love because God gave Himself to create all matter, ALL of us, and all the heavens for our pleasure. When we are willing and able to share our love and our whole being with everyone for the joy and love of all those innumerable Hosts and generations of US like God does ... then we will be "perfect".

Amber is the color of LOVE. And love is everything. LOVE is right and LOVE is light. LOVE is bright and gives insight. Rise to the Highest height with LOVE. Destroy the darkest night with LOVE. LOVE is the music of Heaven above, the wooing song of the Holy Spirit-dove. This is the glory of; this is the story of LOVE!


When the lessons of the RAIN BOW become living love in motion, the personality qualities of our spirit-selves, then we will be "perfect" and mature FAMILY members. From our HEADLINE, we will then understand the LOVE of God, because His personality will be our own. We will be brought into the bonds of the Covenant. THE COVENANT OF PEACE in Isaiah 57:16-19 applies to ALL flesh both good and bad, Matthew 5:44-48. We too will not be wroth with our brother, nor will we rebuke him for acts of sin. Our kindness will not depart from our fellow man, and we like God will have mercy upon him. We sent you a human blood slide to show you the sign of God's perpetual COVENANT is "built-in" in the blood of ALL MEN. The rainbow in the sky is the sign of the Father's LOVE for all humanity. We on earth have a lot of growing to do because the powers of too many of these Holy Spirits are "outside" our hearts and above our heads. But men improve with an outpouring of the "latter rain". May God create a Spirit-RAINBOW in YOUR heart ... while you still live in this life on earth.

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