[Sirach 1:11-10, 4:11-18]

Sirach 1:11-10

[1] ALL WISDOM is from the Lord; wisdom is with him for ever. [2] Who can count the sand of the sea, the drops of rain, or the days of unending time? [3] Who can measure the height of the sky, the breadth of the earth, or the depth of the abyss? [4] Wisdom was first of all created things; intelligent purpose has been there from the beginning. [6] Who has laid bare the root of wisdom? Who has understood her subtlety? [8] One alone is wise, the Lord most terrible, seated upon his throne. [9] It is he who created her, surveyed and measured her, and infused her into all his works. [10] To all mankind he has given her in some measure, but in plenty to those who love him.

Sirach 4:11-18

[11] WISDOM RAISES her sons to greatness and cares for those who seek her. [12] To love her is to love life; to rise early for her sake is to be filled with joy. [13] The man who attains her will win recognition; the Lord's blessing rests upon every place she enters. [14] To serve her is to serve the Holy One, and the Lord loves those who love her. [15] Her dutiful servant will give laws to the heathen, and because he listens to her, his home will be secure. [16] If he trusts her, he will possess her and bequeath her to his descendants. [17] At first she will lead him by devious ways, filling him with craven fears. Her discipline will be a torment to him, and her decrees a hard test until he trusts her with all his heart. [18] Then she will come straight back to him again and gladden and reveal her secrets to him.