So much has been said of males. Men dominate on earth. In heaven they are called angels. We do not say much about females or even know much about them and their work in heaven. But God has testified of their glory and their work in the pages of the Bible. Our purpose is to take a look at what has been written of them and to observe their work and purpose in the salvation of men.

In the beginning there was GOD all by Himself. From His chess cavity He took some of His own Spirit material and created a female counterpart to be His companion and "Wife". Adam and Eve were used to reveal this "reality", Genesis 2:21-24. God Himself establishes "Her" maternity in PSALM 87 as the real "Mother" of our spirits. Isaiah reveals that all Her progeny were produced in the beginning in One Day, that is, fathered by the Ancient of Days, Isaiah 66:7-9; Daniel 7:9. The fact that She is co-creator with God is revealed in Her own testimony through Solomon, Provers 8:12-35. She says, "I was with Him as one brought up with Him: and I was daily His delight rejoicing always before Him". Of Her God said, "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I do not prefer Jerusalem above my chief joy", PSALM 137:5-6. (And He was speaking of His Wife, not a piece of realestate in Palestine which did not exist in the beginning as we shall prove further a bit later.) When God said, "Let US make man in our own image and after our likeness", He was talking to His Wife. They made males after God's likeness and females after Her likeness. And Jesus is only one of their billions of sons they created.

The Bible has many coded messages cloaked in parables, PSALM 78:1-2. Let us consider the parables that reveal "Mother" and symbolize our spiritual sisters.

1. MOON- This symbol is "female" and refers to God's Wife and our Mother according to the "key" supplied by Jacob, Genesis 37:9-10. Her work described in Genesis 1:16 is to rule the earth by night. It is night time on earth, Isaiah 60:1-2, and we shall see how Wisdom accomplishes Her reign on earth in the midst of the powers of darkness.

2. JERUSALEM- This is now the name of an earthly city, but it is also a prophetic reference for Mother Wisdom, Galatians 4:26. Just as a city holds a body of people itself, Mother Jerusalem held our baby spirits within Herself (in Her womb) in the beginning. Half of our spirit came from God and the other half came from "Mother".

3. ZION- This is a symbolic mountain top and a city where God dwells. The mountain top symbol is a good one because the highest mountain peaks are beyond the clouds and seem to reach into heaven. PSALM 87:1-3.

4. WISDOM- We think of this as "super-shrewd" understanding and ways of doing things beyond normal comprehension. It is Mother's name, Matthew 11:19. Wisdom is the gift of Her thoughts, Proverbs 4:5-9.

Now let us consider our sisters, Her image and likeness, and see their analogies and how their work is revealed.

A. MAIDENS OF WISDOM- These heavenly beings who lead and direct men on earth are "our sisters" of glory, Proverbs 8:1-5, 9:1-7. Their purpose is to "feed" men on earth truth and light, which is their bread, wine and meat.

B. DAUGHTERS OF JERUSALEM- In Song of Solomon 8:1-4, we find that these glorious sisters are very anxious to help men on earth, but they are cautioned "not to stir or awake men until they are ready and willing". The whole group of them is described as "a terrible army with banners", Song of Solomon 6:4. We will see this army again with its "captain" later in this paper.

C. DAUGHTERS OF ZION- These were redeemed from the earth and glorified in heaven to become teachers and helpers, Isaiah 40:9, 52:1-3. They have the honor of waging war against the powers of darkness, Isaiah 27:11, and bringing men on earth into a state of repentance and rebirth in the spirit, Micah 4:8-13. They are also threshers of men, Matthew 13:24-30; John 12:24.

D. RIBS- This is the most widely known biblical symbol for "females", Genesis 2:21-22. We are all accounted as living sacrifices and the members of Jesus' BODY. The "wave breast" is always given to the priest as a consecration offering, Exodus 29:26-28. As "priest of God", Jesus was also given his "wave breast" offering in his consecration rite in Heaven. His offering is 144,000 "ribs" or female assistants who form a "terrible army with banners" mentioned in section "B" above, Revelation 14:1-4.

E. VIRGINS- ALL SISTERS renewed and glorified in Heaven are called "Virgins" because they are reborn and undefiled. Jesus has 144,000 of them to help him reign on earth by waging warfare mentally against the powers of darkness over the souls of men, 2 Corinthians 10:3-6; Ephesians 6:12; Revelation 19:11-15,19. Those men who are held too tightly by the powers of darkness get their clay vessel bodies smashed and die, PSALM 2:8-12. But the spirits of men are "threshed" from the clay and "lifted up" or "drawn to God's barn", while the tares or possessing devils, the "beast", are left behind, Ecclesiastes 3:21, 4:2-3, 12:7; Luke 17:34-37. Lazarus, a human jewel to God, and the "rich man", devils who claimed his body, is an example of this "threshing" warfare, Malachi 3:6,17; Luke 16:22-23.

F. DOVES- This symbol of the Holy Spirit in the priestly code of Moses represents our holy sisters above, Leviticus 12. This symbol overshadowed Jesus at his baptism or symbolic "rebirth" indicating he was born of Mother Wisdom, John 1:32-33.

G. RIBBANDS- Ribbons of blue and scarlet used under the Old Covenant symbolized the work of the daughters of heaven. RIB identifies them as "females". BANDS describes their work, to "hold men" close like a "mother". Rib-"BONS" mean "good" sisters. A BLUE ribband symbolized the Ten Commandments. It was these upper sister's job as consciences to remind Israel of the laws of God every time they looked at the hems of their garments, Numbers 15:38. SCARLET ribbands represent words of input for man or ATONEMENT in absolvence from death, Joshua 2:18-19, and purification from sin, Numbers 19:2-9. "Scarlet thread" is a symbol for WORDS of the daughters of heaven, Song of Solomon 4:3. These words wash men's minds.

The texts we have presented from Proverbs reveal the presence of Wisdom and the work of Her daughters of glory. PSALM 45 is about the glory of Christ (verses 1-8), and the glory of Wisdom and Her daughters (verses 9-17). Verse 16 is the "key" revealing part of their work. Daughter spirits have the honor of bringing men to a state of rebirth. They become nursing mothers to men on earth feeding men spiritual milk. As in Jesus' baptism, the dove indicates that a female spirit has been successful in bringing a man into a birth of new knowledge and behavior. So is the case for all who are "born again" in this life. Song of Solomon 8:1-4 shows that these daughter spirits are "like eagles" in search of men to bear as very eager "shepherds". Again they are cautioned not to stir men until they are moved by God to "hunger and thirst" as if by their own initiative. Inasmuch as men are called "living sacrifices" when caught by these sisters ("cords"), they tie them to the Four Archangels, the "horns" of the "altar" or "powers of change", PSALM 118:28. "Cords" are rib-bands which connect them, or WORDS OF GOD spoken to men's minds as lines of communication, PSALM 16:6, 19:3-4; Hosea 11:4. The daughter spirits with their "lines" become "fishers of men", where multitudes of men and nations form a parabolic "sea", Revelation 17:15. These sisters thus become a GOLDEN (perfect WORD) CROWN OF LIFE, or living spirits above who form our good thoughts and give us true understanding, Proverbs 4:8-13; Isaiah 28:5-6, 62:3. Once men are "bound to the horns of the altar", they get "altered" or "burned" by hallowed fire, THE WORD OF GOD, much in the same way it happened to (1) Jeremiah in Isaiah 20:9, and (2) the men travelling to Emmaus, Luke 24:24-32. Of interest is PSALM 45:16. Daughters of Wisdom are given power to make certain "select men" on earth become "priests" and part of the Heavenly Order. (See Isaiah 43:28, where "princes of the sanctuary" is a reference meaning priests.) So the spiritual role of females in glory is both admirable and necessary. For all who are born of the spirit and become the true worshippers of God seeks, must be wombed and brought into a mental state of rebirth exclusively by the Daughters of Heaven.

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